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 Welcome to Wholesaler and Exporter of Bali Silver Beads, is a wholesaler and Reseller of Bali silver beads and jewelry.

Our beads include bead spacers, bead caps, clasps, toggles, and findings. All our handmade products are made by mixing fine pure silver with a bit copper. And they are made by our professional and experienced silversmiths from Celuk -  Bali. Our Casting beads and jewelry are made from 925% sterling silver.At we pride ourselves to be able to provide many kind of attractive and unique Bali bead style to fulfil our customer’s needs. Our ustomers' satisfaction and good services are our main goal priority.

Whenever you need Bali silver beads jewelry for your beaded projects, we are here to provide you with all kinds and styles of Bali silver beads that suit your various silver needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiries and orders. Our warmest welcome is extended to you to look and shop around our online catalogue

 · Wood Beads
 · Vermeil Charm
 · Ring
 · Bali Silver Beads ( Large Hole )
 · Vermeil Beads Decoration

 · Rudraksha Beads

 Sterling Bali Silver Bright
 · Bright Spacer ( non-oxidized )
 · Bright Cap ( non-oxidized )
 · Bright Bead

 Vermeil Beads
 · Beads
 · Head Pin
 · Ear Wire
 · Toggles
 · Clasps
 · Spacers
 · Connector
 · Dangle
 · Butterfly Stud
 · Tube
 · Jumpring
 · Chandelier
 · Cap
 · Wire
 · Lobster Claw
 · Pendant

 Antique Vermeil
 · Cap
 · Spacer
 · Bead
 · Tube
 · Connector
 · Toggle
 · Headpin
 · Ear Wire

 Cast Silver
 · Silver Dangle
 · Silver Chandelier
 · Silver Tube
 · Toggle
 · Bead
 · Cap

 Bali Vermeil Beads ( Large Hole )
 · Beads Hole Size ( 4mm - 5mm )

 Bali Antique Vermeil Beads ( Large Hole )
 · Beads Hole Size ( 4mm - 5mm )

 Bali Silver Beads
 · Shiny Plain Beads
 · Shiny Stamped Beads
 · Square Beads
 · Ornated and Wired Beads

 Bali Silver Clasps
 · Silver Clasps

 Bali Silver Charms
 · Silver Charms

 Bali Silver Findings
 · Bali Ear Wires
 · Bali Head Pins
 · Butterfly Studs

 Bali Silver Spacers
 · Bali Flat Spacers
 · Bali Plain Spacers
 · Bali Ornate & Wired Spacers

 Bali Silver Caps
 · Bali Cone Caps
 · Bali Plain Caps
 · Bali Wired Bead Caps
 · Bali Granulated Caps

 Bali Silver Lobster Claws
 · Silver Lobster Claws

 Bali Silver Tubes
 · Bali Ornate & Wired Silver Tube
 · Bali Plain Silver Tube

 Bali Silver Connectors
 · Bali Chandeliers
 · Bali Bead Connectors

 Bali Silver Toggles
 · Bali Ornated Toggles
 · Bali Simple Toggles
 · Bali Wired Toggles

 Bali Silver Wires
 · Silver Jump Ring
 · Wires

 Bali Silver Jewelries
 · Bali Silver Harmony Balls
 · Bali Silver Dream Balls
 · Bali Silver Prayer Boxes
 · Bali Silver Bracelets
 · Bali Silver Necklaces
 · Sterling Silver Chains

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